2nd Quarter Exhibition 2023

Halftone Lockdown 03

In 2016 I began developing my in-camera multiple exposure style. Those photographs had a working title, 3xP. The Halftone Lockdown series is an extension of that work further developed in a different direction due to and during the 2020 Pandemic lockdown. 

“Besides being beautiful to look at, LeFever’s layered pictures are spiced with humor, sexuality, and metaphor, offering endless discovery and shifting perspectives. We sense allusions to ideas of individual and cultural identity. Some images are like an elaborate joke that we don’t get until days later, resulting in a very fond belly laugh of approval. Like a dream from which we awake to ponder, a new vision emerges, and we see things differently.” Brian Nixon –author of Beauty (and The Banana)

This new selection of artworks supports the release of the second ISQ Halftone Lockdown issue (Volume 2 of 4 that cover hundreds of the Halftone-Lockdown photographs). Volume 2 is currently available to buy at Blurb.com

A boy with a stone has wings,
But is no angel—a boy with a stone,
Red-stained by the blood from the wound,
At the side of the dead Christ is,
Poised to strike again and again.
It is the tension of the moment,
We always face when we lift a stone,
Overhead or make such a display
Over and over and over and over,
A pogrom, a factory, its production
Night after night, a dream recurring,
Fragments of thought, images emerging,
Memory gaps filled with fancy elaboration,
And vivid detail, at worst, a confabulation,
Of the never-occurrence, a conflation of,
Dream and history colored with bias;
All we learned, relearned, unlearned,
And imagined being right like a stone, so sure,
A dream—a memory, or a memory of,
A dream—not accurate, not true, emerges,
To analyze something deep inside, if not,
a memory, then something from a book,
Or TV, a picture I thought was me holding,
A stone, not wanting to go to church, no,
Angel, just a boy and the dead Christ.

The images above (and more) can be found in my ISQ Magazine: Halftone Lockdown v.2 —Sixty pages of new art for only $20 at Blurb. Check it out at the ISQ section of lefever.com and click through to Blurb for a magazine preview. Enjoy!!

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