Having finished his Instant Icon series of artworks in 2016, Jeff began experimenting with in-camera multiple exposures. His initial photographic subject matters were objects and textures found while casually walking the Las Vegas Strip or looking through window displays in casino malls or while looking at crowded drinking glasses on a Vegas buffet table.

The Las Vegas strip remained an occasional testing ground for about a year until casino policies became more strict regarding security (mid-2017). Several casinos escorted the artist from their properties under threat of being banned (citing terrorist concerns and anti-professional photographer policy). These restrictions forced LeFever to find subject matter elsewhere. That elsewhere became three blocks of vintage shops in the Las Vegas Arts District. Jeff’s work developed freely with a new vigor for having diverse new subject matter and invaluable permission from individual shop owners.

Jeff’s style evolved, and by mid-2020, Jeff’s new photographic process would mature. His latest work (Halftone Lockdown) folds a sense of time into 2D space, layering transitional image fragments and ideas. Some of the resulting pictures have an element of Dadaist absurdity. Others take a Cubist flavor of multiple perspectives, but in this case, not physical perspectives but psychological—overlapping narratives across various cultures and themes compose a broad human perspective. Images advance and recede from each other and engage our minds with things familiar but new, like a Pop artist dreamscape.

But before 2020, the LeFever in-camera triple exposures were an experiment of wonder and curiosity, allowing in-camera programming to provide unexpected results. See the early beginnings of the 3xPosure style developed on the Las Vegas streets, casinos, and shops in the Online Exhibition tab.

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