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In 2016 I began developing my in-camera multiple exposure style. The Halftone Lockdown series is an extension of that work inspired during the 2020 Pandemic lockdown. 

A friend from high school once said, “LeFever, half the time, I have no idea what you are talking about!” 

So instead of me writing about Cubistic vantage points representing objective reality more accurately in time-space than previous pictorial plane visual perspectives. Or how in a similar vein, my work uses fragments and proximity in the reframing of ideas: ideas that narrate our identities through which we view the world subjectively as reality. Allow me instead to quote a more poetic friend when I asked him to write a review of my Halftone Lockdown series:

“Besides being beautiful to look at, LeFever’s layered pictures are spiced with humor, sexuality, and metaphor, offering endless discovery and shifting perspectives. We sense allusions to ideas of individual and cultural identity. Some images are like an elaborate joke that we don’t get until days later, resulting in a very fond belly laugh of approval. Like a dream from which we awake to ponder, a new vision emerges, and we see things differently.” Brian Nixon –author of Beauty (and The Banana)

This exhibition, 02, is the second exhibit of the Halftone Lockdown series. 

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