About the Halftone Lockdown series

Halftone Lockdown is a collection of multi-exposed photographic images from books and magazines found around LeFever’s studio during his 2020 Covid-19 isolation. LeFever explores the reframing of meaning through image fragment juxtaposition and narrative re-scripting using a process he calls “Camera Roulette.”

Jeff was mid-stride developing Paradise Lost when mandated Las Vegas closures cut off his photographic resources. Isolated in his Las Vegas studio, Jeff decided it was time to study all those photo magazines and art books in his library collection. It didn’t take long to realize he had a new resource surrounding him within his studio library.

Using a fifty-megapixel camera and a macro lens, Jeff extracted selective detail from book and magazine images, including the printing halftones. Thus, during isolation, the “Halftone Lockdown” series was born. After weeks of consuming his entire library, LeFever turned to his digitized photographic image archive, printing photos and combining them to the halftone mix, allowing his camera programming to do the rest. LeFever calls his process one of “abstracting from randomness,” whereby his best results come from intuitive and rapid image capture—a process he likens to jazz riffing.

LeFever accesses our cultural consciousness by annexing famous, popular, and historical imagery—giving us a re-contextualized composite, a conflated memory. The juxtaposed image fragments sometimes make sense and sometimes do not. Like a dream from which we awake, we search for meaning. His multiple exposed single framed photographs are documents of art history overlapping with cultural consciousness, both familiar and new.

Limited edition prints will soon be available for purchase and available to gallery curators for gallery showings. In the meantime, enjoy the online exhibit as it changes monthly.

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