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Welcome to the lefever.com website blog.

I had an influential Art History and Honors Humanities teacher say that art is the hub through which all life spokes pass in our wheel of life. Art is the central expression of our human experience‚ÄĒexpressing what it is to be human in all ways, and like the facets of a cut diamond, adding light to our life experience.

I look forward to sharing insights, unlocking mysteries, inspiring thoughts, and discussing my newest artwork or the act of creating in general.

So for now, hello and welcome.

  • Hello & Welcome
    Greetings to the new blog portion of lefever.com
  • In The Beginning
    Curiosity bred invention that became quite the creative journey and developed an understanding of human perception.
  • Another Type Of Seeing
    Building on my previous post and making a memoir of how this multi-exposure style developed.

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